CorbinFisher starring Sebastian (CF) and Bryce (CF)

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When Bryce puts his long dick up to Sebastian�s face, Sebastian can�t help but get a taste! The eat of dick in his mouth makes Sebastian hungry for dick somewhere else in him! Being that it�s Sebastian�s first time, Bryce starts with his tongue, then finger, and doesn�t take it any further until Sebastian asks to be fucked. Bryce starts out slowly - though all he wants is to ram the tattooed pretty dude with all he�s got! Bryce is a lot to handle for Sebastian�s virgin ass but he clenches his teeth and takes the dicking. Toughing it out pays off in the end when he cums shot after thick shot all over the place! In the end, he�s glad he took the plunge, or rather - that Bryce did!

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